Tech in Travel: Microchip Boarding Pass

The next step could be microchip boarding passes under your skin

By Christie York

Image by YouTube/Andreas Sjostrom

I’ll admit it…my phone is in my hand or back pocket 90% of my day. I wake up to its alarm, I check the weather, my email, and scan news headlines even before I brush my teeth. I have calls from my office forwarded to it so I don’t miss anything while working remotely, and if a client has an issue or question I can pull up their files on my cell with my Google Drive app. I often joke that I don’t know how my colleagues planned travel for a living before Google, but I also forget sometimes what life was like before smartphones. Technology just makes life easier.

The Inquisitr posted an article last month by Tara West about potentially the next step in Tech & Travel….a microchip in lieu of a boarding pass. This takes my Passbook & Delta app to a whole new level.

According to the Inquisitr, “A Dutch traveler has become the first person to travel without a physical boarding pass. The passenger had a microchip implanted in his hand that had all relevant travel documents”.

The man was part of a Scandinavian Airlines experiment, and inserted the chip just under his skin with an at-home kit. The microchip interacted with a NFC scanner at the Stockholm Arlanda airport similar to how you might scan your boarding pass on your phone.

Currently there are no plans to make this technology public, but this could help relieve the anxiety I inevitably feel on the drive to the airport (did I leave my phone at home??).

Click here to read the full article from the Inquisitr.


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